Latest Exhibitions :
SENEGAL BUILD & HOME SHOW 2017 "22 – 25 February 2017"
SENEGAL AGROFOOD 2017 "22 – 25 March 2017"
SENEGAL PACKAGING FAIR 2017 "22 – 25 March 2017"
EXPO ZIMBABWE 2017 "25 - 29 April 2017"
12th EXPO MADAGASCAR 2017 "18 - 21 May 2017"
MOROCCO FOOD SHOW 2017 "18 - 21 May 2017"
ZAMBIA EXPO 2017 "18 - 21 May 2017"

Prime Connect Exhibition Organizers is a global events company with a difference. Over the years, we have kept our pace with the remarkable growth of Trade Exhibitions in Africa and the Middle East. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, and working closely with our clients to help make their business a success.

In a commercial world increasingly dominated by e-marketing that provides essential face to face contact with existing clients as well as new. No other promotional medium can deliver thousands of high quality sales opportunities in just a few days. A recent German survey found that: “86% of all decision makers view trade fairs as one of the most important instruments assisting them during the purchasing and procurement process” (Link Institute, 2008).

Exhibitor Benefits:

  • The warmth of personal contact in face-to-face meetings.
  • Opportunities for your audience to see, touch, smell or try before buying.
  • A strong brand building environment via product demonstrations, seminars, conferences and sponsorship opportunities.
  • The chance to promote brand loyalty via technology displays, hospitality and networking events.
  • An ideal platform to launch new products and find sales agents or distributors in new markets.
  • The ability to check and evaluate competition.
  • Media interaction and press conferences.
  • Quality market research opportunities.
  • The chance to overcome objections to purchasing decisions.
  • Conferencing opportunities to learn more about future industry trends.

Visitor Benefits:

  • Top quality international, business to business events serving specialized industry sectors.
  • A highly targeted audience of your fellow industry professionals.
  • The most cost effective means of sourcing products, services and information in your industry.
  • Direct personal access to the suppliers of the leading technology.
  • The opportunity to question, examine and compare the performance of competitive suppliers from around the world.
  • New product launches with linked conferences, exhibitor seminars and networking events.
  • The most time efficient forum to keep up to date with new to market technology, state of the art products, innovations and developments in your market.
  • An excellent track record of introducing thousands of international companies to new regional partners, importers, agents and distributors.
  • New business opportunities by providing direct negotiation with exhibitor’s senior decision makers.


Providing event management that wherever practicable minimizes the negative and maximizes the positive impact.


As ambassadors in the industry, offering innovative opportunities for social and business interaction is our vision.


Creating an atmosphere to generate new business for exhibitors in established and emerging markets.

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